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Loan Portfolio Management

Non-performing loans can be a significant burden on the balance sheet of a lender. If a business is under pressure to recover capital, BTG Advisory can do so swiftly and effectively while maximising the amount collected.

Our experience of portfolio management is critical to our success: we review strategic approaches to all elements of a loan portfolio, and devise tailored plans to drive the ongoing management and collection of problematic debt. Solutions can range from operational changes to refinancing, from disposals of non-core businesses to court-based rehabilitation processes, through to bespoke out-of-court compromises.

For portfolios of distressed property loans where other firms are responsible for individual recoveries, we are used to working with insolvency practitioners, fixed charge receivers, and property agents to help them devise and implement effective completion and disposal strategies.

At BTG Advisory we always adhere to TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) principles, alongside any lender-specific protocols. When dealing with debt recovery, professional tact and discretion is particularly important: in all assignments we work hard to protect the lender’s brand and reputation. On the other side of the equation, debtors may be in a vulnerable situation: we train our staff to recognise the signs, and to act with due care and sensitivity.

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