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At BTG Advisory our forensic accountants are recognised and accredited specialists in providing expert services in the resolution of business-related disputes and fraud. They act in civil and criminal disputes in the UK and internationally, working for either side in a dispute, or for both as a single joint expert.

As independent forensic accountants, the BTG Advisory team deliver preliminary advisory reports through to expert witness evidence in court and arbitration proceedings, including the UK High Court, Crown Court and Lands Tribunal, and international commercial arbitration.

Industry experience is extensive and expert testimony has been given on many occasions.


  • Expert Witness
  • Forensic Accounting Investigations
  • Negotiation and Mediation Consultancy
  • Preliminary Advisory Reports

Typical areas of work

  • Business disputes (contract, negligence, misrepresentation, confidential information, intellectual property, commercial agency, banking, joint venture, commercial property, illegal dividends, loss of opportunity, Wrotham Park damages awards, account of profits)
  • Fraud and financial crime (white collar crime, directors’ misfeasance, Ponzi schemes, POCA, theft, fraudulent conduct)
  • M&A disputes (warranties, completion accounts, purchase price adjustment, deferred consideration)
  • Matrimonial disputes (shareholding valuations, financial investigations)
  • Partnership disputes (business valuations, profit shares, final capital accounts, financial investigations)
  • Pension scheme disputes
  • Personal injury, industrial disease and medical accident (loss of earnings, loss of pension, loss of dependency)
  • Quantification of damages, including consequential loss of profits and other financial losses
  • Shareholder disputes (contested share valuations, unfair prejudice)

Deal Success

Thank you to the team for the meticulousness of their approach throughout, to the multiplicity of legal, accountancy and procedural issues the case has presented

Bank Office 3
Commercial Arbitration Forum provided binding ADR dispute resolution

How we helped:

  • Provided a qualified and experienced commercial arbitrator with expertise in the subject matter of the dispute 
  • Issued a binding and enforceable arbitration award concluding the dispute between the parties and dealing with the costs of the arbitration 
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BTG Advisory's forensic accountants demonstrated their expertise, assisting the client and legal team with findings to achieve settlement

handshake finance 800x450 Meeting image
Successful result in an unfair prejudice claim arising from a shareholder dispute

How we helped:

  • Provided expert witness services following a shareholder dispute
  • Demonstrated claim amount was grossly overstated
  • The parties successfully achieved a settlement
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BTG Advisory’s forensic services team provided valuable insight and analysis to support the client’s claim, resulting in a favourable settlement

Photo meeting Pen 3
Settlement of a licensing agreement dispute

How we helped:

  • Provided forensic accounting and expert witness services 
  • Focused on the defendant’s counter-claim for financial losses 
  • Case settled in favour of the client, the claimant
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BTG Advisory acted as independent accountants and provided invaluable support in a professional manner throughout this complex appointment

glasses on a notebook Office photo 1
Expert determination over completion accounts dispute

How we helped:

  • Acted as an independent accountant in an expert determination procedure
  • Dealt with issues of jurisdiction and complex contractual arrangements
  • Following submissions our expert made the required determination
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