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Optimised Exit Planning

There are many good reasons why a business may decide to divest itself of an underperforming subsidiary, but doing it in the most effective way is a challenge. A structured and well-planned approach to divestment streamlines corporate structure, improves operational efficiency and optimises shareholder value – and it almost always requires specialist professional input.

BTG Advisory’s partner-led service identifies potential obstacles to effective divestment, and plans and implements robust, commercially sound strategies to overcome them. We work with management teams to assess all possible options for exit in the prevailing market conditions, interrogating the benefits and downsides of each, then move forward to assist in execution.

A number of options may be available, including the sale, closure or winding down of the underperforming asset, along with a more general corporate restructure. In all cases though, our exit planning services incorporate end-to-end evaluation and mitigation of risk throughout what can be an intricate process.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


An up-to-date review of key industries, taking an in-depth look at topical and current issues within each sector.

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