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Travel and tourism businesses are responding to fast-changing consumer preferences towards personalised travel experiences, sustainability, and the role of technology in how travel ideas are sourced and paid for. The opportunities and obstacles are both significant. Trading businesses must adapt to digital platforms and contemporary engagement methods to compete in this global industry, as well as respond to rising expectations for health and safety protocols. At the same time, regulatory compliance and geopolitical risks can increase the burden of operational resilience.

Sustainability is equally important to investors, regulators and consumers. The popularity of eco-friendly travel, carbon offsetting practices and infrastructure improvements increasingly commands an influential proportion of the travel market. Intense competition and market consolidation have given rise to strategic partnerships and unique offerings between complementary businesses, such as resorts and tourism event companies. Trends in demographics and consumers’ sensitivity to pricing during economic volatility also influence the demand profile. For example, the ‘working from home allowance’ offered by many employers has created a new market segment for businesses to capitalise on as it has increased the number of people able to work remotely and thus travel for extended periods. 

At BTG Advisory, we work with travel and tourism businesses, their supply chain and funders across the business and economic cycle. We assist businesses with a diagnostic assessment that identifies viable cost reductions to address inefficiencies, achieve cash savings and optimise the use of working capital to improve overall operational performance and cash flow generation. Identifying problems early increases options for the remedial actions available to business owners. Businesses may also benefit from an independent assessment of their balance sheet to fine-tune business models, identify and overcome barriers to growth, and working capital requirements to optimise growth and investment ambitions. We are also able to support growth strategies if firms wish to consolidate, refinance, sell or divest, and can navigate regulatory compliance to ensure growth into existing and new markets is sustainable. 

Travel & Tourism Insights

Following a turbulent a few years, the demand for travel and tourism is getting stronger. Our series of Insights analyses the growing confidence in the sector. 

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