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Debt Advisory

Debt advisory services are useful to a wide range of business stakeholders – including management, secured and unsecured creditors, bondholders and equity participants –who are looking at raising, refinancing or restructuring debt. In all cases the goal is to provide access to appropriate finance, structured in the right way.

The process starts with a detailed assessment of the financial position of the business, particularly its overall capacity for debt. The focus then moves on to exploring the market for the best deals available, identifying the funding options that most closely align with both the current position and future objectives.

Deep knowledge of the debt market is essential. There is a wide range of funding sources to consider, by no means limited to senior debt. Options can include mezzanine, equity, alternative and asset-based lending, while debt restructuring – perhaps with extensions or amendments to existing terms, or covenants based on future business plans and forecasting models – can be an equally powerful tool if carefully used.

Whatever your business and whatever your debt requirements, BTG Advisory has the knowledge and capacity to move swiftly and deliver individual solutions that get real results.

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