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The electrification and decarbonisation of the transport sector is rapidly changing the automotive industry, driven by sustainability mandates, technological leaps, and shifting consumer preferences. The evolving market environment presents established manufacturers and supply chain partners with opportunities but also significant challenges.

The whole of the sector supply chain needs to adapt to regulatory drive and changing consumer preferences towards vehicles that do not rely solely on internal combustion. Across the sector innovation is key. Growing consumer demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is reshaping supply chain requirements for raw materials and minerals, while sustainability  principles have increased the emphasis on ethically sourced raw materials and responsible procurement practices. At the same time, geopolitical risks associated with existing and developing supply chains are complicated by complexity and potential disruption and complexity. For businesses in this sector these market shifts, together with external issues such as volatile interest rates, low growth and tight labour markets, presents opportunities for some and major risks for others is challenging.

At BTG Advisory, we are your trusted partner to manage these uncertainties, assess the impact of all market changes on your business and capitalise on the opportunities. We work with automotive companies, their supply chain and funders across the business and economic cycle. Leveraging our experience in working with automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) and suppliers worldwide, we identify operational inefficiencies with a view to delivering cost savings to enhance profitability and cash flows. 

We assess financial health, devise strategies to mitigate supply chain and geopolitical risks, and ensure long-term financial stability. We are also experienced in navigating complex and new regulations, as well as identifying and remedying financial challenges. For further information please contact us.

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The automotive sector is continually evolving, and our series of Insights explore the issues facing the sector and how they impact the businesses operating within it.

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