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Our Expertise

BTG Advisory is multidisciplinary and offers the broad range of professional services necessary to provide viable and effective solutions to businesses. Our services include providing advice in the following areas:

  • Transformation
    Delivering swift and radical change to reinvent daily operations and build long-term business strength
  • Corporate Finance
    Support on the full spectrum of corporate finance transactions, from business disposals to acquisition targeting
  • Forensic Services
    Expert knowledge across all areas of dispute resolution and investigations, ranging across both civil and criminal cases
  • Restructuring
    Providing innovative, entrepreneurial and robust techniques to facilitate the transformation of a business
  • Capital Management
    Working with businesses to implement best practices, improve capital management culture, and introduce business-wide systems to monitor and maximise liquidity and profit
  • Financial Consulting
    Advice and implementation of strategies to assist with a host of financial and operational business concerns
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