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Commercial Arbitration Forum provided binding ADR dispute resolution

The BTG Commercial Arbitration Forum provided a binding alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) arbitration procedure for a prominent niche financial services partnership in a complex and high value dispute between the partners.

There were a wide range of matters in dispute including legal principles, and issues involving performance pay arrangements, evolutionary multiple variations of remuneration terms over many years, profit share accounting, tax provisioning, payment of remuneration and tax.

The arbitrator, a qualified and experienced commercial arbitrator from within the BTG Advisory forensic services team and with expertise (accounting, financial, share valuation) in the subject matter of the dispute, dealt with the following, in summary:

  • Designed the applicable ADR commercial arbitration procedure in consultation with the parties and their legal advisers taking account of their needs, the complexities of the case and the applicable institutional  procedural rules
  • Managed the progression of the arbitration process from outset to conclusion, issuing directions and dealing with numerous applications throughout including disclosure issues
  • Exercised procedural powers of the arbitration tribunal to ascertain the facts as considered necessary
    Held an arbitration hearing over a number of days at a mutually convenient venue and at which the parties were represented by senior counsel 

Finally, the arbitrator issued a binding and enforceable arbitration award concluding the dispute between the parties and dealing with the costs of the arbitration



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