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Our team of valuation specialists deliver bespoke advice and analytical solutions to a diverse range of valuation issues. Having the right advisors can be critical to a businesses success. We take a comprehensive approach to valuation that goes beyond the traditional financial advisory role and understand what drives the value of a business in today’s complex market. All conclusions are backed by detailed market research and thorough documentation. We are able to offer valuation services to support:

  • Enterprise Valuation
    Valuations based on standard metrics including DCF, transaction multiples and listed business comparisons, coupled with an industry specific approach where appropriate.
  • Fair Value Measurements
    Value opinions to boards of directors, corporate executives, private equity and hedge funds.
  • Litigation and Dispute Advisory Services
    Valuations and expert testimony related to complex commercial and  litigation matters
  • Hedge Funds
    Mark-to-market valuations for financial and/or investor reporting of the portfolio’s assets.
  • Goodwill, Intangible Asset Impairments and Purchase Price Allocations
    Required analysis and consultation to test goodwill impairment, including intangibles and long-lived assets.
  • Business Advisory
    Valuations for restructurings, recapitalisation, negotiations with creditors, M&A advisory, business unit assessment, regulatory reporting and estate and gift planning.
  • Corporate Recovery and Reorganisation
    Valuations for companies in all stages of financial distress, including going concern equity valuations, market and liquidation values of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Property Valuations
    Undertaken by our firm of Chartered Surveyors, Eddisons.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


An up-to-date review of key industries, taking an in-depth look at topical and current issues within each sector.

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