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Claim for Loss of Dependency

Experts disagreed, but were able to assist towards settlement

A young self-employed carpenter was killed in a fatal accident, resulting in a claim for loss of dependency that was put at just under £2million for earnings and pension.

We were instructed by the defendant, and put the loss at about one-half the sum claimed. There was a lot of common ground between our calculations and those of the claimant’s forensic accountant. However, there remained two key areas on which we could not agree – the claimant’s expert assumed substantial growth in “but for” earnings, and a capital value at the end of his working life, but we identified evidence of a significant decline in fortunes before the accident, and that there was no prospect of a capital value.

Despite our differences, in a joint statement we were able to agree a number of alternative calculations, enabling the parties to settle the claim.

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