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Pre-lend Reviews

When an organisation seeks new lending, or wishes to increase an existing facility, a pre-lend review provides the financier with the confidence to proceed with the transaction. It can cement the relationship between lender and borrower, and smooth the way to further funding in the future.

This type of review is often also beneficial to the borrowing organisation. The process involves mapping and documenting their business in detail, and so provides management with greater insight into their company’s exposure to risk.

What is the aim of a pre-lend review?

In commissioning a pre-lend review, a financier gains an understanding of the possible risks when lending to an organisation, allowing them to make an informed judgement on whether to proceed with a loan offer.

The lender is able to take steps in dealing with the issues in question if they decide to go ahead, and can keep track of any changes to their risk levels over the longer-term.

For the borrowing company a pre-lend review will assist when approaching lenders, and provides a detailed picture of their company’s financial health.

Benefits for both lender and borrower

  • Lenders mitigate their risks using up-to-date, reliable information on the borrower, and are able to make better financing decisions
  • A pre-lend review can provide the base for a strong working relationship between both parties, based on mutual trust
  • The borrowing company is offered the most suitable facilities based on a combination of the review results and their unique business needs
  • Stakeholders have access to detailed data and information, and also gain a clearer understanding of the risks involved

In conjunction with extensive commercial experience, our technical expertise and independence ensures all our pre-lend reviews provide a clear picture of business strengths and weaknesses, and their potential impact on the lender.

BTG Advisory’s experience team can expertly assess the resulting business risks, and offer management strategies to deal with them effectively.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


An up-to-date review of key industries, taking an in-depth look at topical and current issues within each sector.

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