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Richard Fry

Richard Fry

Specialist in Financial Consulting, Restructuring 0843 320 9194
[email protected]

Richard is a Consultant in the Advisory team based in our London office. He joined the firm from a high street clearing bank where his career included international finance, corporate banking, debt origination and syndicated participation. For the final seven years at the bank, he was specifically engaged in distressed case turnaround management, both at international multi-bank level and larger UK bi-lateral levels (£3m-£30m bank debt).

Richard has an established reputation as a respected negotiator in bank debt restructuring and settlement situations. He is regarded as the go-to person in bank ‘conflict’ situations to smooth an acceptable resolution or exit for all stakeholders.

His experiences and knowledge of banking matters and distressed lender situations are extremely broad, both in the UK and internationally, and include a strong understanding of the world of financial derivatives and their potential impact on turnarounds.

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