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Keeping your business at the forefront of an ever-changing industry

BTG Advisory looks at global media and entertainment, which is thriving, powered by consumer habits and multiple digital and mobile delivery platforms, but do the challenges of innovation, consolidation, political issues and regulation threaten success?

For the media and entertainment industries, 2016 was a year of innovation and combination and, above all, challenges, especially in the social networking space and the role of government in co-opting or motivating media change.

Social media has continued its expansion and penetration, with concerns over data management and protection looming larger. As Henry Blodget, former lead internet analyst for Merrill Lynch and now editor and CEO of Business Insider put it the morning Verizon expressed reservations about acquiring Yahoo for $5bn – an important step in the marriage of delivery and content – after Yahoo disclosed a theft of one billion accounts: “Going forward, this will become one of the most critical components of the media and tech space.” Traditional manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales paradigms may also open many new doors, but close many traditionally successful avenues as well.

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