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Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness for Corporate Entity

Licensing agreement dispute

Services provided as forensic accountant expert witness appointed by the claimant, a sizable leading brand name corporate entity, in a licensing agreement dispute. Focus on the engagement was the defendant’s counter claim for financial losses arising from alleged breaches of a range of UK and international scope agreements for a variety of different product lines.

Considered the matter of the alleged losses due to the alleged breaches, the report and complex extensive quantum calculations prepared by the opposing experienced accounting expert, and pursued enquiries as necessary. Produced and delivered own expert report on the matter of quantum.

This demonstrated that assuming the alleged breaches had occurred, the assessment made by the expert for the defendant was unsupported, fault, otherwise unreliable, and the amount claimed by the defendant based thereon was materially overstated. Attended a meeting of experts and produced a joint statement of experts. The case settled shortly thereafter in favour of the client, the claimant.

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