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BTG Advisory’s Transformation team deliver swift and radical change to reinvent daily operations and build long-term business strength.

Transformational change is a bold step for any organisation to contemplate. It is not something for businesses that are content to keep on doing what they’ve always done. Catalysed by an ambitious vision for the future, it needs energy, commitment, strategic insight and a willingness to reassess every aspect of operations from the ground up.

When goals need to be converted into action, BTG Advisory’s Transformation team can help make it happen quickly, and make it a success. A company could have brought in a new management team, or secured private equity backing. There could be a new acquisition to integrate into a group structure – or maybe it’s simply becoming clear that an outmoded business model is no longer fit for the realities of today’s swiftly-changing market.

Whatever the situation, BTG Advisory will bring on board a diverse team with a wealth of experience in transforming enterprises across industries, sectors and jurisdictions. Working side by side with the CEO and management we conceive, plan and execute ambitious new operational strategies where they’re most needed, and we get real and immediate results.

These results are measurable, and we often agree a cost-effective fee structure that is partly tied to the success of the transformation exercise. Value-driven and impact-oriented, we align with our clients throughout the process – and we share success together.

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