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Corporate Finance

Whether a client is looking for advice on a disposal or is in the process of identifying its next acquisition target, BTG Advisory provides comprehensive support on the full spectrum of corporate finance transactions.

We have unparalleled experience in the £1 million to £100+ million mid-market arena, thanks to our multidisciplinary skills base, industry knowledge, and network of investor contacts. Our corporate finance specialists are expert in all aspects of the acquisition and disposal process, so our partner-led teams can move swiftly to complete deals efficiently and effectively.

Our reach spans the globe, and borders are no barrier to our ability to do good business. Our in-house analysts work with an international network of specialists to help identify promising targets for companies looking to grow; and when our clients want to explore the potential for selling part or all of their business we can quickly match them with reliable companies who are serious about making strategic acquisitions.

Whatever your situation or needs, BTG Advisory’s corporate finance expertise is a powerful weapon to have in your armoury.

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