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Financial and Professional Services


BTG Advisory looks at developments affecting the accountancy industry and the evolution of the profession, notably around changes in audit and tax regulation, and the potential implications of Brexit.

Amid healthy increases in revenue in 2015, compared with the previous year, the prospect of regulatory upheaval has led to muted enthusiasm as the largest firms compete aggressively for audit business. However, with audit revenues in developed markets flattening out, many global firms are continuing their focus on advisory services where business is growing after a recessionary slump.

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BTG Advisory looks at competition, globalisation, data security, innovative technology, and the challenges of today’s political climate.

Law firms operate in a challenging and unpredictable business environment, facing increased regulatory pressures, the worry of cybersecurity, data breaches, reputation management and political uncertainty, both in the UK – with the implications of Brexit – and globally. The exponential take-up of cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), represents a challenge and an opportunity in terms of market differentiation. The legal services sector is on the move, and the UK is in the vanguard.

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