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Purchase Price Disputes

Mitigating the effects of disputed business purchase prices to achieve a fair and commercial outcome

In many cases, a purchase price is agreed amicably; however, in certain circumstances the buyer and seller may disagree on the final amount, which can lead to lengthy negotiations and increasing costs. Disputes may arise for many reasons, including closing balance sheet issues, purchase price adjustments, and disagreements regarding information provided during the due diligence process.

Agreeing an acceptable and commercial purchase price

We are able to support the transaction from initial valuation through to sale completion, and, with our advice, many common pitfalls can be avoided. If initial purchase price negotiations have reached a stalemate, we are able to provide financial, forensic, and valuation support in determining a fair purchase price.

Post-acquisition purchase price dispute resolution

We are often brought in to provide expert dispute resolution services in the case of post-acquisition or post-closing purchase price disputes. In these instances, a purchase price has been agreed on the signing date; however, factors such as net asset movements, working capital requirements, or revised earnings figures, may result in the buyer revising the proposed acquisition price.

Our team includes forensic accountants, business valuation specialists, lawyers and barristers, who are able to support either the buyer, seller, or be jointly instructed to provide robust financial and legal evidence to support or refute a claim. We are also able to provide support through arbitration or litigation, providing expert witness reports or evidence in court.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


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