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Litigation Support

Working with law firms, corporates and investors to provide the expert documentation, reports and testimony required to support all aspects of litigation, from pre-action to negotiation or during formal proceedings.

Utilising expert financial knowledge

Utilising the combined knowledge and skills of forensic accountants, business valuers and investigators, allows us to uncover unknown or hidden factual information upon which the outcome of a court case could be reliant. We can undertake financial analysis and produce reports that can provide crucial evidence for even the most complex of cases.

Cross-disciplinary expertise providing skilled litigation support

We can advise on the accounting, financial and valuation aspects of numerous contentious issues, including:

  • Negotiating Shareholder Buy-Outs
    Utilising forensic accountancy practices and business valuation expertise to support the negotiation of fair shareholder buy-outs
  • Purchase Price Disputes
    Delivery of the financial expertise required to efficiently resolve litigious disputes
  • Shareholder and Valuation Disputes
    Utilising robust accounting systems to provide the required level of evidential documentation and testimony
  • Unfair Prejudice Claims
    Providing supporting evidence regarding shareholders’ unfair prejudice claims in terms of quantifying or defending any perceived economic loss to the shareholder
  • Pre-action Settlement
    Avoiding lengthy and costly litigation through the negotiation support for pre-action settlements
  • Wrongful Trading/Misfeasance
    Providing the intricate financial detail required if a charge of trading while insolvent or other misfeasance claim has been brought
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
    Providing evidence to support or refute the case of creditors seeking to maximise recoveries

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


An up-to-date review of key industries, taking an in-depth look at topical and current issues within each sector.

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