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Brand Protection

Counterfeiting and illicit trade is ever increasing. This activity threatens the competitiveness of businesses and puts the health and safety of consumers at risk. BTG Advisory works closely with leading international brand owners across retail, tobacco and pharmaceutical sectors, supporting their ongoing fight against the illegal distribution of fake goods in breach of copyright. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to tackling infringement, which includes forensic technology methods to monitor and capture illicit online activity, and physical surveillance deployment to collate visual evidence of rogue operations.

We secure the intelligence needed to build a case proving theft of proprietary material. Our experienced investigations team covertly profile all third-party suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. Through detailed assessment and interrogation of supply chains, our bespoke services are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of future intellectual property infringement and parallel trading. When reporting, we provide firm recommendations leading towards the closure of rogue operations as swiftly as possible. We work with clients to develop and implement a security strategy that protects their most valuable assets.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


An up-to-date review of key industries, taking an in-depth look at topical and current issues within each sector.

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