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Data Mining and Database Analysis

Our forensic accountants are able to analyse the vast amounts of data associated with any digital investigation using cutting-edge data mining and database analysis techniques.

In cases of suspected fraud, financial crime, or any other issue which requires a forensic accountancy investigation, there is inevitably a huge amount of data to be examined. This can be in the form of databases, spreadsheets, data from specialist accounting software, purchase and sales ledgers, readable PDFs or other such documents, and a myriad of other types of recorded information. Analysing this data in a timely, yet meticulous, manner requires the specialist techniques of data mining and database analysis.

Data mining and database analysis are used by computer forensics specialists to identify irregularities, suspicious or nonconforming digital patterns, incorrect data, evidence of data tampering and other anomalies which could either immediately identify the erroneous data or highlight the need for further investigation.

Employing these agile methodologies allows our team of forensic computer analysts to evaluate 100% of any available dataset, including metadata, in a meticulous and unbiased manner. This allows pertinent and robust digital evidence to be identified, which, if subject to a human investigation, would have been extremely time-consuming and potentially less reliable, due to human error.

Our data mining and computer forensics services are able to identify the existence, or otherwise, of numerous data patterns that could act as red flags for further investigation. Regarding instances of fraud and financial crime, these could include:

  • Price variances for identical or similar products
  • Duplicate payments
  • Patterns of purchase orders being placed just below purchase limits
  • Ordering trends which do not match sales patterns
  • Identification of anomalous price trends across set time periods
  • Use of unauthorised vendors
  • Incorrect payment data
  • Identification of patterns of suspicious data entries by a certain person or at a certain time or geographical location

However, data mining and database analysis can also be used across all other areas where forensic accounting is to be employed.

Along with using data mining and database analysis to reactively identify the information pertinent to a forensic accounting investigation; these techniques can also be used to perform regular proactive audits of a company’s accounts, aiming to identify any areas of concern at the earliest possible opportunity. Our forensic technology team have experience in analysing data from simple to extremely complex cases and can swiftly and economically provide the relevant and robust information required.

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