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Computer Forensic Investigations

In-depth computer forensic investigations that can swiftly, effectively and robustly trace lost or hidden digital evidence in computers and other types of data storage devices. This digital evidence can then provide vital proof for the prosecution or defence of a civil or criminal case.

The digital forensic experts who make up our team provide services to financial institutions, law firms and large corporations, procuring the discovery of data vital to their investigations. They accept a wide range of assignments, from examining a single machine to multi-jurisdictional financial and regulatory investigations, involving the identification, collection, processing and review of large quantities of data, obtained from multiple locations.

As part of our computer forensic services we are able to perform advanced digital investigations and evidence recovery techniques across all devices that digitally store data, including desktop and laptop computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, server and network share forensics and mobile devices.

Having close links to specialist forensic accountants allows us to have a greater knowledge of the ramifications of the offences being committed. Thus we are able to more effectively filter out any incorrect information, swiftly focusing in on the relevant information and presenting it in such a way as to be appropriate and robust enough for legal cross-examination.

Computer forensic services can be employed to lead or assist in cases such as:

  • Governmental Investigations
    Computer forensic services are regularly utilised by governmental bodies to provide robust supporting evidence for the prosecution of fraud and other financial crimes. Our digital forensic analysts are often required to sift through large numbers of documents and pieces of digital evidence to create a computer forensics expert report, which can then be submitted as evidence.
  • Fraud Investigations
    Especially around cases of loss of profits or business insolvency, digital investigations are undertaken to categorically prove the extent of the offence and the evidence pathway required to substantiate this.
  • Evidence Verification
    Cyberforensics techniques can be used to verify the truth of numerous personal statements. For example, a defendant may state that they had no knowledge of a document or a transaction; however, forensic investigation can uncover irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Case Studies

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