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Shareholder Disputes

Private company shareholder disputes can arise in a variety of circumstances including a simple attempt by a shareholder or group of shareholders to dispose of their shareholdings and move on, through to claims of unfair prejudice by minority shareholders (Section 994 disputes). In such disputes, the valuation of the business and the shares in the company owning it are usually the main issues.

BTG Advisory’s forensic services team are well versed in providing expert services in the resolution of shareholder disputes and the valuation of businesses and shareholdings.  

Sometimes these valuations are made more complex by the existence of shareholders’ agreements or bespoke articles of association, which influence the valuations of minority interests.


  • Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Witness
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Valuation

Typical areas of work

  • Conduct of the business (unfair disadvantage to the aggrieved party)
  • Groups, including holding, trading and property companies
  • Methodologies (earnings multiples, turnover multiples, net assets, industry method, DCF)
  • Minority shareholdings
  • Open market or restricted market valuations
  • Share valuations at past or present valuation dates
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