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Professional Negligence

If a company or individual has been subject to professional negligence, our team of forensic accountants can support you through the process of claiming fair compensation. Professional negligence can have a serious impact on a company and so we aim to handle the process as efficiently as possible to minimise any further damage or disruption.

Our team are specialists at assessing financial losses associated with professional negligence in professional services such as accounting and audit services, tax planning and compliance, insolvency and corporate finance.

In many of these cases the issues are extremely complex so we can conduct investigations into loss of earnings, loss of profits or undue penalties faced by our clients. It is often only through our specialist forensic accounting financial analysis that we are able to quantify the figure required for remuneration and identify the entire pathway of damage that the professional negligence has caused.

Common examples of professional negligence where our forensic accountants are able to bring matters to a swift and satisfactory conclusion include:

  • Financial advisors mis-selling a product and/or providing negligent advice
    Our forensic accountants have an in-depth knowledge of financial regulations and the current economic climate and so are able to create expert reports upon which to base a compensation claim.
  • Conveyancers or solicitors failing to perform necessary property searches
    This could lead to clients purchasing properties for above market value or not being in possession of the full knowledge that they should reasonably expect, resulting in erroneous decision-making and subsequent loss of earnings or loss of profit.
  • Advisors failing to adhere to set time limits
    If you have entrusted an accountant, solicitor, or other advisor to process any submissions within a required time limit and they fail to do so, you may be liable for fees or penalties, and may suffer loss of financial opportunity. Our forensic accountancy team can identify and evaluate your financial loss and support a compensation claim.
  • Surveyors submitting incorrect property values or failing to identify defects or issues
    Our team of forensic accountants are able to calculate any financial losses resulting from you being provided with erroneous information.
  • Solicitors and barristers failing to lead a successful litigation case
    Clients are then often left with hefty fines, court costs and other penalties to pay. If the litigator has been negligent, then our forensic accountant experts can analyse your complete financial loss.
  • Architects incorrectly managing projects, or failing to gain appropriate planning permissions
    If an architect has been appointed to manage a building project and fails to do so effectively, including failing to gain appropriate planning permissions, adhere to relevant regulations or provide effective advice, then our expert forensic accountants can calculate any loss of earning or loss of profits resulting from this.
  • Failure of inheritance tax planning by financial advisors
    When inheritance, and other, tax avoidance schemes fail, clients can be left with a serious financial loss. Our team of specialist forensic accountants can calculate the loss and negotiate a fair level of compensation.

Due to our expertise in the area of professional negligence claims, our forensic accounting team are able to quickly assess your issue and identify if you have a valid claim. We always ensure to work within a timely manner and adhere to the time limitations that apply to professional negligence claims.

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