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Personal Injury

As the number of personal injury claims increase, the requirement for a swift, fair and accurate quantification of the associated financial losses is becoming increasingly prevalent. Expert forensic accounting is required to fairly achieve this, especially in cases where the individual involved has complex financial circumstances. Our personal injury forensic accountants have experience of acting for those who are self-employed, have unpredictable earning structures, irregular bonus and benefits packages and other complex remuneration systems.

Our specialist forensic accounting techniques and in-depth knowledge of the legal frameworks surrounding compensation agreements allow our forensic accountants to accurately evaluate the financial losses related to personal injury claims. These can include:

  • Loss of Earnings
    Where clients do not receive a regular salary, calculating a comprehensive and future-proof loss of earnings figure can be extremely complex. This often requires our personal injury forensic accountants to detail numerous future earnings scenarios from which a quantifiable sum can be extrapolated.
  • Loss of Profit
    Calculating loss of future profits is rarely straightforward, due to the large number of variables that are involved. Factors such as market fluctuations, global economic shifts, variations in profit margins, regulatory changes and limitations, changeable business growth rates and differing methods of mitigation may all need to be taken into account.
  • Loss of Pension Income
    Given the variety of pension schemes and the potentially instability of the pensions sector, calculating the impact on pension income from a personal injury incident can be extremely complex. By applying their experience and expertise, our forensic accountants are able to objectively assess the total loss amount.
  • Loss of Dependency
    When a fatal accident occurs, those who were financially dependent on the deceased are able to claim for their financial loss. Quantifying a loss of dependency figure involves a forensic accountant that specialises in fatal accidents and is able to make complex calculations based on the deceased’s future earnings potential.

Regulations governing loss calculations for personal injury and fatal accident claims are both complex and rigorous and so specialist forensic accounting techniques and expertise are required to calculate and justify/refute any personal injury claims. Working either for the claimant, defendant or jointly on behalf of both parties, we take a tailored approach to each case, appointing your case team to ensure that all of the relevant specialisms are covered. We are then able to conduct a forensic accounting financial analysis that results in an independent, robust and fair assessment of the settlement. This can be disseminated by a forensic accountant’s expert report, or we can act as a forensic accountant expert witness should the matter proceed to court.

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