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Money Laundering and Confiscation Proceedings

In cases of fraud and money laundering, expert forensic accounting and financial analysis is required by both the prosecution and defendant. The level of forensic accounting examination that can be achieved by our team is fundamental in determining the exact extent of the crime and the proceeds of it. Under the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), once a defendant is convicted of a money laundering, fraud or other offence from which there has been a financial gain, there is then the legal obligation to recover the financial proceeds via official confiscation proceedings.

Under these circumstances the services of a forensic accountant are bifold: firstly to identify and analyse the initial money laundering offence and then to either support or refute the actual figures submitted during the confiscation proceedings. In each of these conditions our forensic accountant team are able to undertake financial analysis at the forensically detailed level required to satisfy both litigation accountants and the courts.

Money Laundering

During cases of alleged money laundering, accountants are able to undertake the in-depth forensic accounting investigations required to identify the exact pathways that the illegal actions have taken and create expert reports detailing the proceeds of the crime. When instructed to act in cases of money laundering we can examine the detail of the accusation and are able to provide a detailed analysis of the allegation that is both meticulous and objective.

Confiscation Proceedings

If a criminal conviction has been achieved and there are believed to have been associated financial gains, then the Crown will begin confiscation proceedings to recover the perceived profits of the criminal activity. Forensic accounting can be used to ascertain the exact proceeds of crime as stipulated in the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Our forensic accountants can conduct in-depth financial analysis to identify the exact amounts that were gained and prepare Financial Statements that can be used in POCA hearings. These can be used either by the prosecuting authorities, or we are also experienced in analysing and, if necessary, refuting prosecution supplied figures that may have included accounting anomalies and inflated estimations, especially when following statutory assumptions in ‘criminal lifestyle’ cases.

Our team of specialists have extensive skills and knowledge across all areas of money laundering forensic accounting and forensic accounting for the proceeds of crime and confiscation proceedings. We have experience of working with cases of all sizes and across all borders, and are often handed cases that have previously been dealt with via a third party who recognises the need for a higher level of expertise to handle the case. We are able to produce forensic accounting expert reports which can be presented to court and are also able to act as forensic accounting expert witnesses should the requirement arise.

Case Studies

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