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Providing a fair, impartial and objective means to dispute resolution, our experienced team will guide and support you through the mediation process.

Litigation is increasingly being seen as a last resort in cases of commercial and legal disputes. In the hands of our mediators and forensic accountants, our mediation services can provide a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that will leave both parties satisfied that a fair resolution has been established.

During the process of mediation, an impartial third party – the mediator – will work with both disagreeing parties to examine a dispute and assist them to find a mutually agreeable resolution, while imposing no opinions of their own upon the situation. This official process is entirely confidential and the disputing parties communicate via the mediator, who will help to shape the resolution process.

Forensic accountancy services can be required in a number of roles during the process of mediation, including both acting as the mediator themselves, or providing forensic accounting expert reports and financial analysis for one or both of the parties.

Expert Mediation Services

Our specialist team includes knowledgeable staff who are CEDR accredited mediators. Through this service we are able to guide disputing parties through all stages of mediation from pre-inception meetings to the actual day of mediation itself. Maintaining a completely impartial and objective outlook we will assist both parties in examining their dispute from all angles and opening the channels for mutually beneficial resolution, thus avoiding the requirement to undergo the lengthy and costly processes of arbitration or litigation.

Being both trained mediators and experienced forensic accountants allows us to provide an extremely knowledgeable mediation service, especially to those disputes of a financial nature. Possessing an in-depth understanding of the technical minutiae, legal statutes and financial ramifications surrounding a dispute allows us to gain a greater comprehension of the issue and its consequences. Holding this requisite expertise allows us to undertake even the most complex mediation cases, occasioning solutions in both a timely and effective manner.

Forensic Accountants Supporting Mediation

Our forensic accountants are able to provide detailed financial investigations and expert reports for either party in a dispute or as independently commissioned by the mediator. Calculating the quantum of loss or damages, the expert reports of forensic accountants are vital during a mediation setting to provide a meticulous and objective basis upon which to base negotiations. Our forensic accountants may also attend the mediations themselves to either support the mediator in understanding the complex issues at hand, or to undergo the mediation process themselves with opposing experts from the conflicting party.

Especially within commercial disputes, forensic accountants may be called upon to provide financial analysis and expert opinion during mediation regarding issues such as product liability claims, shareholder disputes, breaches of contract, partnership disputes and a myriad of other such issues. The expertise of our forensic accountants may be called upon to calculate business valuations, loss of earnings or loss of profits, cost of goods sold, discounting future losses, calculation of wasted management time and the identification and valuation of other fixed and variable costs.

Case Studies

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