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Matrimonial Disputes

Modern divorce proceedings are based on the fair and open distribution of a couple’s financial portfolio. To achieve this a detailed forensic accounting examination of all accounts, income and assets is required. Specialist divorce financial investigations will allow our forensic accounting experts to fully assess a couple’s complete financial landscape, thus allowing for a comprehensive and fair division of all assets. Among the assets will often be one or both parties’ interests in a business, and these will need to be valued.

Matrimonial finance investigations must be thorough and fully encompass all areas, including:

  • Divorce Business Valuations
    A clinical approach to forensic accounting is required to create a comprehensive valuation of a business for divorce proceeding purposes. We will assess the results of the business over a number of years, evaluate the value of the goodwill inherent in the business, interpret the trading accounts, and accurately assess the value of any shareholdings.
  • Liquidity Issues
    Although a business may have a specific value, extracting a portion of that may not always be always be a viable option. Our divorce forensic accounting team are able to assess the availability of funds from a business or shareholding and importantly the tax implications of making a withdrawal.
  • Capital Gains Tax
    We can estimate the tax implications of potential disposals of business interests.

Forensic accounting for divorce cases is particularly vital as it enables the full financial portfolio to be assessed. Our specialist divorce accountants can use forensic accounting techniques to identify, analyse and assess an individual’s worth, including uncovering any financial irregularities that have been employed to conceal the full financial truth.

Tactics such as the division of income into newly formed sister companies, over or under statements of costs and provisions, irregular balance transfers, accounting abnormalities and anomalous tax schemes are all common methods of concealing the full extent of an individual’s worth. Our specialist divorce forensic accountants are able to employ financial investigation and forensic accounting techniques to explore shortcomings in the financial disclosing.

Our specialist team of divorce forensic accountants are able to act for either the applicant or the respondent and are also increasingly instructed to act on behalf of both parties via joint instructions. In these cases, our meticulously fair approach gives both parties complete confidence in our forensic accounting expert reports, and both reduces overall costs and creates a collaborative environment through which parties are able to join together and reach equally agreeable results, thus avoiding the need for contested proceedings. However, if matters do reach a requirement for litigation then our divorce forensic accountants are experienced and reliable expert witnesses.

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