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Fraud and Financial Crime

Fraud and financial crime is a global issue. In many cases only specialist forensic accountants can unpick the complexities of such matters and assess the implications of these potentially devastating crimes.

Issues of financial crime, also known as white-collar crime, require the expertise of forensic accountants to fully investigate cases such as fraud, money laundering, living off the proceeds of crime and numerous other examples of financial crime. Our team of forensic accountants have significant experience of tracing and locating key financial evidence for both prosecution and defence teams. Our experience covers providing forensic accounting services for everything from simple employee theft through fraudulent trading, tax evasion and money laundering to providing evidence of financial motives in arson/manslaughter cases.

Without the investigation services of a forensic accountant it is very hard to prove or refute a charge of fraud or other financial crime. Our forensic accounting services include the efficient preparation of detailed fee proposals – whether for private individuals, investigating authorities or for legal aid – clearly identifying the requirement for our input and estimating the likely costs and timescales.

Fraud investigations can include our forensic accountants undertaking both bank and email analysis and we also have specialist forensic accountants who can examine cases of money laundering and identify the proceeds of crime, supporting such investigations around the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

The evidence supplied by our forensic accounting fraud examination teams can support the identification or rebuttal of a wide range of cases, including:

  • Theft
    In reference to theft, financial crime can centre on either cash or physical goods. Our forensic accountants can provide expert reports to either evidence or refute cases of theft.
  • Fraudulent Trading
    Our forensic accountants can identify areas where purposeful fraudulent trading has occurred, or conversely provide evidence that erroneous accounting practices have caused the impression of fraudulent trading but not actually the undertaking.
  • Identity Theft
    Our forensic accountants can conduct fraud investigations to help to prevent, detect and prosecute cases of identity theft.
  • Stock Market Manipulation
    Considering white-collar crime, many minds will turn to issues such as stock market manipulation and price fixing schemes. Forensic accounting services are required to analyse the complex financial transactions involved in these.
  • Proceeds of Crime/Confiscation Actions
    Forensic accounting is paramount in the identification of the proceeds of crime and prosecutions under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). We also specialise in supporting/refuting confiscation actions.
  • Directors’ Disqualifications
    As part of a professional services firm, we have extensive experience of working with licenced insolvency practitioners and can, therefore, provide specialist forensic accounting services in all areas connected to Directors’ Disqualifications.
  • Advanced Fee Fraud and Investment Scams
    Forensic accounting is often required to identify the proponents of these types of fraud and financial crime, who are often extremely evasive.
  • Obtaining Goods or Cash By Deception
    In the more complex cases we can conduct a forensic accountant-led fraud examination.
  • False Accounting
    Our forensic accountants can conduct investigations into false accounting, including disentangling accounting ‘black holes’.
  • Tax Evasions, Including VAT ‘Carousel’ Fraud
    Forensic accounting is vital in identifying this type of fraud where VAT payments to HMRC are defaulted on as the final step in a ‘carousel’ of VAT deferrals.
  • Leasing Fraud
    A recent upsurge in cases of vehicle leasing fraud requires expert forensic accounting fraud investigations to provide robust and reliable evidence.

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