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Expert Determination

Expert determination is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which our experienced and knowledgeable forensic accountants are able to determine an independent and objective resolution to a disputed matter. We will be jointly instructed by the parties on both sides of the dispute and will conduct an open and honest provision of all necessary information required for which the determination to be made. The results of expert determination are binding and avoid the need for going through the courts.

Appointing one of our team of forensic accountants to provide expert determination in a dispute is particularly suited to matters of a purely technical nature, upon which the decision of an arbitrator or court judgment would inevitably rest on the opinion of a forensic accountancy expert witness. In these cases, choosing expert determination can result in a matter being resolved in a much more timely and cost-effective manner.

Examples of where the services of an expert forensic accountant would be employed to provide expert determination include:

  • Completion Accounts Disputes
    During the sale or purchase of a company there are often disputes arising upon the value placed upon the company, or shares thereof, via the completion accounts. Our team of forensic accountants can provide an expert determination assessing the quality of the information presented within the completion accounts and then setting a fair price which must then be adhered to by both parties.
  • Business and Share Valuation Disputes
    We are able to provide an objective expert determination based on a forensic accountancy assessment of business valuations and associated share valuations. Assessments can be based upon shareholder agreements, the company’s Articles of Association and other forensic accountancy financial examination techniques.
  • Loss of Profits
    Quantifying the value of a loss often requires the services of a forensic accountant to provide expert determination. The final figure must be completely objective and our meticulous attention to detail will ensure a fair result for both parties.
  • Rent Reviews
    While undergoing a periodic rent review, designed to adjust commercial rents to the current market rate, disputes can inevitably occur. The services of our forensic accountants can assess all relevant information and expert determination will place a fair valuation on the reviewed rent amount.
  • Contract Performance Disputes
    Our forensic accounting expert determination can be required in some cases of contract performance disputes. While a review of a contract is being undertaken, disputes may arise concerning the financial detail of the contract. Assessing this in forensic detail will allow our forensic accountants to provide an objective expert determination.

Employing our forensic accountancy services to provide an expert determination in a disputed matter will ensure that your dispute is dealt with in a fully transparent and confidential manner. This is opposed to court proceedings where evidence is often not made public, but the proceedings of the matter are.

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