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Complex investigations bring together expert professionals to illuminate complex commercial challenges.

BTG Advisory’s dedicated Investigations team comprises a network of leading professional investigators, security experts, intelligence analysts and researchers, all with a wealth of experience working within both public and commercial sector communities. The team is made up of senior specialists from a variety of backgrounds, including intelligence, security, military and professional services. 

We support our clients by providing investigation and risk consulting services to help identify, resolve or mitigate complex commercial challenges. We are trusted advisors to major financial institutions, law firms and quoted businesses across diverse industries including pharma, telecoms, construction, retail, sports and entertainment. We also work closely with private clients across the High Net-Worth Individual community.

  • Asset profiling

BTG Advisory specialise in gathering accurate financial and non-financial intelligence in cases where sophisticated fraud or other wrongdoing is suspected, to provide valuable insights into an individual’s wealth and lifestyle profile. Operating both domestically and internationally, we are skilled in demystifying opaque business structures, and are fluent in investigating offshore special purpose vehicles which have been incorporated to mask true beneficial ownership. Our global  network of professionals  gives us local knowledge on an international scale.

  • Brand protection

BTG Advisory work closely with leading international brand owners to support their fight against the illegal distribution of fake goods in breach of copyright. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to tackling infringement, which includes forensic technology methods to monitor and capture illicit online activity, and physical surveillance to collate evidence of real-world crime. When reporting, we provide practical recommendations to support enforcement and disrupt illicit trade. We also use our expertise to work proactively with clients to develop and implement security strategies that protect their most valuable assets.

  • Enhanced due diligence

The pressure on professional advisors to make the right decisions for their businesses and clients is higher than ever. BTG Advisory provide value-added enhanced due diligence services and human intelligence techniques to fill information gaps and bring commercial clarity and confidence to complex situations. Our comprehensive service also includes integrity and reputation verification so our clients can be sure of the quality of potential business partners.

  • Open-source intelligence

There is an ever-growing abundance of information available in the public domain – but tracing and capturing specific intelligence, particularly when time sensitivities are in play can be a  complex and challenging undertaking. BTG Advisory has  a specialist in-house team of professional researchers and analysts who do just that, providing an extra level of intelligence and insight for our clients. Our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) service encompasses keyword search access across global commercial and consumer data platforms including social media feeds and internet forums, using deep web and data mining methods to uncover historical relationships and enable vital  background profiling. Innovative visual mapping and relationship charting clarify complex cases. Our clients value how the information they gain through our OSINT service puts them at an advantage in many critical commercial situations.

  • Risk consulting

BTG Advisory help our clients proactively identify mitigate and manage the many diverse risks companies face in today’s increasingly complex and uncertain markets. We are familiar with all manner of business risks, and we know how to spot and deal with them. We can assess supply chains and contract partners to guard against bribery and corruption risk; we can interrogate and stress-test internal policies and procedures; or we can carry out penetration testing of physical security infrastructure. We frequently deploy covert surveillance and forensic technology methods to secure evidence and discreetly address issues of staff absenteeism, internal fraud or IP theft. In short, we utilise our extensive risk experience and expertise where they are most needed, leaving our clients free to focus on business development.

Case Studies

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