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Forensic Technology Overview

Discerning useful, meaningful and robust information from the colossal amounts of data that most companies and businesses now hold requires the services of forensic technology experts. Our experienced computer analysts are able to conduct in-depth forensic investigations into your data to extrapolate the relevant information required to evaluate a situation, respond to a request or undertake an investigation. This information can be used to support a businesses’ financial, statutory and IT investigations and legal disputes.

Computer forensics, or cyber forensics, involves the digital investigation of the electronic footprint of a business or individual to identify and extract relevant information, some of which may have been lost or purposefully concealed. Our integrated team combine their in-depth knowledge of forensic accountancy techniques with cutting-edge forensic technology methods to extract the relevant data from what is often a morass of irrelevant information. Discovering specific pieces of information and presenting them in an expert format can prove to be vital evidence either supporting or refuting claims and allegations of misconduct.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with both simple cases of extant data searching through to complex cases that unravel the necessary evidence to prove million pound fraud. Possessing the requisite skills and knowledge, we are able to select the appropriate forensic computing analysis technique to extrapolate only the information relevant to your case.

We offer all areas of computer forensic services which can be used as either supporting evidence or the main pillar upon which a case is built, as well as act as expert witnesses for both prosecution and defence in both civil and criminal cases.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


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