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Forensic Accounting

The range and quality of our forensic accountancy services makes for a compelling proposition.

Our forensic accounting specialists provide expert knowledge across all areas of dispute resolution. We act for both applicants and respondents, and on a single joint basis, using our expertise in civil and criminal cases from inception through to resolution. Our team bring their technical skills and commercial approach to many forensic matters, including the following:

  • Business valuations

BTG Advisory’s forensic accounting services can be called on across the whole lifeline of a business valuation process. At pre-action we can provide a preliminary assessment of value, and if the issue reaches litigation we can create full forensic accountant expert reports and act as expert witnesses.

  • Commercial disputes

Our team has experience across the sphere of commercial disputes, and we take an individual approach to identify and analyse the key information and issues in each case. From this we can make a robust examination of the position and provide an expert assessment of the issues, as well as supporting you through the various methods of commercial dispute resolution as needed.

  • Expert determination

Expert determination is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which our forensic accountants determine an independent and objective resolution to a disputed matter. Expert determination is particularly suited to matters of a purely technical nature, and can result in a much swifter and more cost-effective resolution.

  • Fraud and financial crime

Our team of forensic accountants have significant experience of locating key financial evidence for both prosecution and defence teams. Our experience covers everything from simple employee theft through fraudulent trading, tax evasion, trading standards issues and money laundering. We also have specialists who can assist defendant lawyers in evaluating the proceeds of crime.

  • Money laundering and confiscation proceedings

Our specialists are well used to working at the highly detailed level required to satisfy both litigation solicitors and the courts in cases of fraud and money laundering. We work with cases of all sizes, and frequently deal with cross-border issues. We are often handed cases that have previously been dealt with via third parties who need the higher level of expertise that BTG Advisory can offer.

  • Matrimonial disputes

BTG Advisory can act for either the applicant or the respondent in a matter, and we are also increasingly instructed to act via joint instructions. In these cases, our meticulously fair approach gives both parties complete confidence in our expert reports, usually avoiding the need for expert evidence at trial. However, if we are needed at court, then our divorce forensic accountants are experienced and reliable expert witnesses.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


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