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When selling a business, owners require assistance to navigate the disposal process, from start to finish. The process encompasses areas such as pre-sale planning, through to identifying potential buyers and then project managing the process to completion. 

Exit Strategy/Planning

For business owners, planning for the future is vitally important. The planning process can help to identify when the time is right to sell and how to maximise consideration in the process. Being clear about stakeholders’ future plans can also ensure the company is run in the best way possible to achieve these aims.

Whether selling a portion of the shares or aiming instead for a complete exit, our team of corporate finance specialists can assist with preparing a workable and realistic exit plan based on stakeholders’ ultimate goals and ambitions for the business.

Disposal Process

When the time comes for business owners to sell the business in which they have invested so much time and effort, it is vital that this process maximises value and achieves the best possible terms of sale from the most appropriate buyer. It makes sense, therefore, to enlist the help of a team with the experience, track record, and expertise to make the disposal a success.

An effective disposal can be lengthy, involving complex intricacies and difficult negotiations. Our proactive approach means we can guide you through each step, up to completion. The comprehensive assistance offered by our team encompasses the following areas: 

  • Initial discussions to ascertain the ultimate objectives for the business, and to clarify any timescales to be targeted.
  • Providing a comprehensive assessment of the business to determine a realistic price expectation based on current market conditions.
  • Following discussions with stakeholders an appropriate, tailored sales strategy is formulated.
  • Identifying and targeting potential buyers with thorough market research and using our own database of acquisitive companies and contacts. As well as using subscribed-for databases, we have built up our own detailed database of prospective buyers who are actively seeking their next opportunity.
  • Drawing together the confidential information memorandum to present to potential purchasers upon signature of an NDA – we believe that this document should be finely balanced between providing potential buyers with enough information to properly assess the opportunity without providing highly confidential or detailed information.
  • Further provision of information to interested parties on an ad hoc basis, in order to hopefully receive initial offers. This is followed by in-depth negotiations with potential purchasers in order to get the best deal for the stakeholders.
  • Providing guidance and project management throughout the entire process through to completion. This covers liaising with tax advisors, legal advisors and due diligence providers, on both sides of the transaction.

When selling a company, one of the most challenging elements is finding a suitable buyer who not only wants to buy the business, but also has the right funding in place to allow them to complete the deal. Acting as ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ – in that we advise both buyers and sellers – provides us with the experience and market knowledge to quickly assess whether buyer can fund the transaction.

Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise.


An up-to-date review of key industries, taking an in-depth look at topical and current issues within each sector.

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