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BTG Commercial Arbitration Forum resolved complex multiparty dispute by binding arbitration

The BTG Commercial Arbitration Forum provided an alternative dispute resolution procedure for the partners of a long-established professional services firm. In this case, we were appointed as arbitrator (unusually, a replacement arbitrator), to resolve their dispute about their respective rights and liabilities arising from the general dissolution of the partnership.  

The arbitration was subject to institutional rules, the existing partnership agreement, and the Partnership Act 1890. Main issues included the valuation of the firm, its dissolution accounts, and the distribution of its assets on final settlement of accounts under the Partnership Act 1890

The case involved completing a series of related key issue stages involving extensive procedural applications, numerous procedural meetings (by phone), a hearing over a few days with the parties and their legal representatives at a venue convenient for the parties, expert witness evidence, document-only procedures, the production of interim awards at the conclusion of key issue stages, and a final award in conclusion of the dispute.

After conclusion received the following feedback from one of the parties (a senior litigation lawyer):

“… I wish to express my thanks to you for the meticulousness of your approach throughout, to the multiplicity of legal, accountancy and procedural issues the case has presented ...”

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